Review Process and Publication Policy

Desk Rejections

The submitted manuscript to the Journal initially goes through a preliminary review at the Editorial Desk to ensure their suitability for the Apeejay Journal of Management & Technology as per its aim and scope. Manuscripts not aligning with the aim and scope of the journal or weak in content and methodology may be rejected at this stage. Based on the recommendation of the editors, the articles found suitable are assigned to expert reviewers in the relevant field for further processing. The final acceptance or rejection of the article is based on the reviewer comments on the manuscripts.

Peer Review Process

Apeejay Journal of Management & Technology is a peer review journal and follows a ‘Double Blind’ review process. As per ‘Double Blind’ peer review, neither the author nor the reviewers are aware of each other’s identity. This review process may take 2-4 months for completion. Based on the evaluation by the reviewers, the manuscript may be accepted as such or rejected or accepted, subject to certain revisions.

The final acceptance or rejection is communicated only after the authors have submitted the modified manuscript fulfilling the editorial queries and in accordance with the reviewer comments.

Publication Policy

Apeejay Journal of Management & Technology is published two times a year in January and July.